1.    What does no-win no-fee mean?
No-win no-fee means that if we do not win your claim then we do not get paid.

2.    How much compensation will I receive?
Every injury claim is different and therefore we cannot put an exact figure on the amount you can expect to recover. Your compensation is based on your pain and suffering and we will obtain medical evidence to assist us in valuing your claim. We will always endeavour to obtain the maximum compensation for you.

3.    How long does the claims process take?
Every case is individual and therefore we are unable to give you a precise timeframe as to how long your claim will take. We do endeavour to settle all cases promptly and in our experience straight-forward accidents can be settled in a few months. However, more complex cases can often take longer but we will always keep you fully informed throughout the claims process.

4.    Can I recover any expenses which I have incurred because of my injury?
In addition to compensation for your injuries, we are able to recover any out-of-pocket expenses you may have. These may include medical expenses, travel expenses or loss of earnings and we are happy to recover these for you as part of your claim.

5.     Who will pay my compensation?
We will pursue your claim against the negligent party – for example in a road traffic accident we will claim against the driver who was at fault. In reality, the negligent party’s insurance company will deal with your claim and pay your compensation.

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•    We act on a no-win, no-fee basis
•    We seek maximum compensation for you
•    We seek to recover all of your out-of-pocket expenses
•    We provide first class medical and rehabilitation services
•    We provide a friendly and personal service to you.

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