Each year thousands of accidents occur in the workplace.  This can be as a direct consequence of defective or dangerous machinery, insufficient training, or bad employer practices. We at B-T 2 Solicitors understand that innocent victims of an accident may be reluctant to bring a claim against their employer but we passionately believe that any victim of an accident is entitled to compensation and the professional approach, which we employ, should go a long way towards alleviating your concerns. We at B-T 2 Solicitors have a wealth of experience in pursuing personal injury claims, which in some cases are perceived as minor injuries, and also claims that run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you have been injured in an accident at work within the last three years and wish to make a claim for compensation please contact us immediately for FREE LEGAL ADVICE

  • We act on a no-win, no-fee basis
  • We seek maximum compensation for you
  • We seek to recover all of your out-of-pocket expenses
  • We provide first class medical and rehabilitation services
  • We provide a friendly and personal service to you.

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